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My apologies for the lack of updates in the past few weeks! I’ve just returned from a two-week vacation and I’m busy catching up with a list of reviews and requests.

The one-handed cartwheel took priority because it was a tutorial requested from someone who wanted to use this move in her upcoming competition in mid-November. I hope this still gives her enough time to practice and perfect!

Here are some steps to getting this move:

  1. Shoulder stretches: The cartwheel requires some mobility in the shoulders so spend some time stretching it out. A yoga wheel is a great prop to open the shoulders and chest. Arm circles and shoulder rolls are also good options.
  2. Practice kicking up to a handstand with the wall: Kicking right into the cartwheel and potentially landing on your back/breaking your arms is a very scary thought. Try kicking up with the wall there first. Start with gentle kicks and use your core to bring your legs up rather than using momentum. Kick a little harder under you’re able to reach the wall with your feet. If you’re hitting the wall with a loud ‘thump’ you’re kicking too hard!
  3. Use the pole and a yoga mat: Once you’re comfortable with the wall, try it on the pole. All that practice going up to the wall with control means you are not kicking hard into the cartwheel and potentially falling over. Line the landing spot with the yoga mat to cushion the falls. 
  4. Using just the pole: With practice your falls should be controlled so you will no longer need the mat. 
  5. Fine-tune: work on shortening the amount of time it takes to set up the move, pointing your toes on your way up and down, smiling, etc
Disclaimer: My move looks far from perfect since I only had a few days to practice it. The sample given to me looked graceful, entering the cartwheel with relatively straight legs, almost in a split, pointed toes, smiles and all. With practice, it will happen! I hope the video was able to get you started!

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