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Happy holidays everyone! Thank you to everyone for your support in the past year, all your sweet comments and messages really mean a lot to me. ♡♡♡

To wrap up the end of 2016, I wanted to do a tutorial on one of my favourite pole moves: the Jade and some of its variations.


Before we start, there are some pre-requisites you should be extremely comfortable with before trying the jade.
  1. Frontal splits – you should be relatively comfortable with the splits although it’s ok if you couldn’t do a completely flat one (I can’t either!).
  2. Outside leg hang – some regions call this the gemini/scorpio, but I’ll call it the outside leg hang so there’s no confusion. You need to be pretty secure in this, otherwise you may start sliding down while you set up for the jade.

So now, let’s break down the steps to getting the jade!

  1. Stretch: Warm up your hamstrings and hips by doing some stretches for the splits. I used a yoga wheel to help deepen the stretches, you can use pillows, cushions or blocks.
  2. Duchess: The duchess is a jade variation, great for those who are not as flexible. 
    • To get into the duchess, start with an outside leg hang, bend the inside leg and bring it towards your core. Squeeze the leg with your outside arm/hand! 
    • Wrap the inside arm around the pole. Squeeze the pole with the armpit area and use your hand to support your butt.
    • If this feels secure, slowly straighten the hooked leg and bring the hip down.
    • To exit, wrap the outside leg back onto the pole to go back to the outside leg hang.
  3. Straighten the front leg: No matter how flexible you are off the pole, it feels a little scary to be stretching while hanging upside down on the pole! From the outside leg hang, bring the inside leg to your head and straighten. I find it easier to first bend the leg first (it also makes you spin faster!) and then straightening out the leg. Alternatively, you can just swing the leg around and keep it straight. 
  4. Combine Steps 2 & 3 to a Jade: Practice the previous two steps until you’re super comfortable with them. Straighten the front leg, make sure it’s secure, then drop the back leg like you did in the duchess. Ta-da!
  5. Jade Passe: Another variation on the jade is to bend the back leg and grab it with your inside hand (instead of supporting your butt). This variation is also great for those that are less flexible. If your jade is not flat enough, this is something you can try! 

If you’re having trouble with the duchess, jade, or other variations, here are some tips:

  • The main contact point for the jade is the skin between the waist and the inner thigh of the inner leg. You can add additional contact points from the armpit. There are also no-handed jades (not shown in the video)!
  • Using the hand to ‘support’ your butt pushes your hips up onto the pole while making your armpit squeeze tighter. This is optional but helps quite a bit.
  • The jade split requires flexibility. If you’re having trouble flattening into it, you can ‘cheat’ by rotating your hips instead of keeping them square. To do this, look over your shoulder so you can see your back foot and actively push the leg downwards. This positioning will help open the hips quite a bit to give the illusion of a flatter jade. 
I hope this helps! If you have any questions or tips to share, please leave a comment here!

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