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iTac2 StickIT Pole Fitness Sports Grip Combo
Amazing pole grip in a genius glue-stick inspired dispenser!

I recently reviewed the iTac 2 grip that I purchased many years ago (read review here). At the time of writing that review, I was aware the product was repackaged and the formulas have been improved from user feedback. I reached out to the CEO of iTac2 to ask for samples of the newer products for review and received the iTac2 StickIT Pole Fitness Sports Grip Combo. The combo is available on their website includes the StickIT in regular and extra strength, the pole cleaner solution and microfiber cloth and retails for 40AUD+21AUD shipping (approximately 29USD+16USD shipping).
If you’re interested in this combo, keep reading for a giveaway contest at the end!

StickIT Regular and Extra Strength

iTac2 StickIT in Regular and Extra Strength


Let’s start off by talking about the gorgeous repacking of the product! The products are wrapped in a beautiful holographic sticker in metallic pink and purple. While the difference between the regular strength and extra strength is hard to tell at first, you will notice the one with the pink on top is the regular, and the purple on top is the extra strength.
It’s hard to talk about how great the StickIT is without comparing it to the jars, so let me explain! The previous iTac2 (45g) I purchased was housed in a plastic jar with a narrow mouth. While the grip itself was great, the tub was not the most user-friendly; the product was hard to scoop out and would often get stuck under my fingernails. The jars in 20g and 45g are now modified, featuring a wider mouth to scoop out the product.
With the StickIT, this eliminates scooping the product out with your fingernails. The product was probably inspired by the ease of use of deodorants, chapsticks or glue sticks. Think tube of product with plastic twisting mechanism at the bottom. Simply genius.
Close-up of the iTac2 StickIT

How to Use

To use the product, you simply remove the cap, twist the product up and apply the product where needed (hands, inner elbows, back of knees, thighs, feet, etc). I would however caution to twist only a small amount up at a time since beeswax is rather soft and the stick might break if it’s twisted up too much. When you’re done, twist the product back and recap. Rub palms together or against parts where the product was applied. The heat generated helps distribute the product evenly. Wait a few minutes and then pole!

Touch and Feel

One word came to mind after I used the StickIT and it’s clean. I’m not sure if the formula is different than the old iTac2 I had, but this one gave me the grip I needed on the pole but did not leave a sticky feeling on my hands after. With the old iTac2, I found myself spending copious amount of time scrubbing the grip off my hands AND the pole. With the StickIT, it may be a combination of improved formula and the way it was dispensed since it was easy to control how much I applied on my hands.

I decided to tackle the Janeiro for the first time once applying this grip. To my surprise, I felt completely at ease and comfortable in the pose, no slipping, no fear of falling onto my face. I got my Janeiro! *victory dance* After a long pole session with the StickIT, my chrome pole was super sticky. I made the mistake of trying to spin on the static pole and it made a loud resonating noise enough to scare my neighbour’s dog. I actually smiled because I’ve never had a grippy pole before! Contrary to my initial belief, the grip wiped off easily with my regular pole cleaner (Windex) without any struggle.

The iTac2 fits perfectly in the palm of your hand!


I wasn’t able to find an ingredients list for the product, but was able to find this description on what the iTac2 is made of:

iTac2 is a mixture of organic beeswax and high grade plant based esters. iTac2 is made low allergenic and balanced pH. iTac2 has a coffee and vanilla aroma fragrance. We blend this together with a little love and produced a good reliable sports grip named iTac2.

The products are made in Australia using all natural and organic ingredients from clean Australian forests. Great to know the ingredients coming in contact with our skin is as natural as possible 🙂

Should I Use Regular or Extra Strength?

I generally have pretty dry skin and occasionally find my hands and feet can get a little sweaty/oily for some moves. The regular strength has been more than enough for all my pole needs. One application would last me throughout the whole session, with plenty left over on the pole for next time if I’m lazy to clean it off. I’ve also tried the regular strength on inner elbows, thighs and back of the knees and they work extremely well!
Some of my students have complained about very sweaty or oily hands. When they tried the regular strength, they said it helped a little but they found it rubbed off fairly easy for them. With the extra strength, they felt much more confident with their lifts and inversions.
The iTac2 Pole Cleaner can be used to clean any metal surfaces

Pole Cleaner

The new and improved iTac2 grip formula was very easy to clean off the pole with my existing microfiber cloth and trusty bottle of Windex. While Windex works very well, I do find the ammonia can leave a residual smell overtime (yes, sometimes it could smell like pee). Gross, but usually a quick wipe down with soap and warm water solves the problem. Despite the occasional offensive smell, it still remains a very cost-effective way of cleaning the pole.


The packaging label is consistent with the rest of the iTac 2 Pole Grip product line, featuring the attractive pink-purple gradient and clean typefaces. The solution is housed in an amber plastic bottle with a spray nozzle. A super soft pink microfiber cloth is also included with the cleaner.


Looking for a less stinky alternative? iTac2 has a solution (ha, get it? *wink*)! The ingredients list contains two items: non-regulated hydrocarbon and Native Australian lemon myrtle essential oil. I’m not exactly sure what the first ingredient is as it sounds very vague and I do wish to get some reassurance that this is safe to use. On a positive note, the lemon myrtle oil has anti-bacterial properties and smells really refreshing!


iTac 2’s Pole Cleaner comes in 125ml(12AUD) and 250ml (22.50AUD) bottles. The website claims the smaller bottle can be used over 400 times so it’s quite economical!


The StickIT hand grips are such great products! The new packaging is beautiful and functional. I love the deodorant/glue stick-inspired dispenser since it effectively helps control how much product is applied and prevents waste/over use. The products can be quite pricey especially with international shipping for relatively little product. However, looks can be deceiving since you only need to use so little and each tube can last up to 40 applications!
If you’re interested in the products, I would highly suggest getting a few interested friends to share the cost of shipping. The iTac2 StickIT grip formulas are perfect for beginners and more advanced pole dancers. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Official iTac2 Giveaway Contest

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The iTac2 StickIT Pole Fitness Sports Grip Combo was graciously provided by iTac2 for this review.

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