Em-bracing my decision :D

Adulting is hard! Adulting is even harder when you still look like an undergrad. Throw in some dorky glasses and braces and I’m back to being a highschooler. Funny thing is I never had braces as a teen and I would have really liked having them when I was younger!

So why did I choose to get them when I’m an adult? Well, my parents never thought I needed them and I also understood the cost was astronomical for them to afford braces if my teeth weren’t that bad. Yes, they looked straight enough, but my overbite always bothered me! Now that I’m working, I feel it’s a financial and time investment I’m willing to make.

I started my braces journey on November 11, 2015 and was told it would take around 18 months. I do have to say I’m a very compliant patient! I go to all my appointments, brush my teeth after every meal and wear my elastics diligently. Exactly one year after, I was told I might be able to get them off 3 months early! Wow! That hard work paid off!

I marked my calendar for Feb 15th for my de-bracing day and started my countdown. I also had a scholarship to a yoga teacher training course in India waiting for me and all I had to do was pick a date to go. So I decided to book for March 2017. I couldn’t wait! I’ll be on this exciting 2 month journey with a brand new smile!

Today is Feb 8th, just one week shy of this epic day I’ve been waiting for. But I’m not happy 🙁

My teeth look straight at a glance but there are a few things I’m not completely satisfied with. Long story short, things weren’t quite right yet and I didn’t know what to do. I called up my orthodontist and told her my concerns and she asked me to come in if I had time.

During the commute there, I debated what I really wanted. Sure it sucks to still have braces when I’m on my trip, making new friends, visiting family I haven’t seen in a decade, and taking vacation pictures to forever immortalize my face with braces. But did I really want to remove the braces when my teeth weren’t perfect just because we set an arbitrary date?

After my appointment, I left slightly disappointed but relieved at the same time. And here I am blogging about my feelings to hopefully convince myself it’s not the end of the world!

In the end, I figured I’ve already spent so much time and money on these braces, it’s stupid to remove them with a less than perfect smile. Not to mention all that pain for nothing! Going two extra months without adjustments also sound wasteful but it may actually work to my advantage! I’m so close to the end of my treatment and these two months would be like a headstart on my retainers! With the removable retainers I might actually lose it on my trip, with braces I don’t really have to worry about anything. Finally, as weird as it sounds, I felt a little sad and missed my braces knowing the braces will come off!

With that, I’m going to embrace this decision, embrace my dorky highschool look and capture my amazing vacation with this teenage face 🙂

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