Yoga Poses: Pigeon Variations

Felt like doing a short video on one of my favourite yoga poses, the pigeon. When doing leg stretches, I often include a pigeon pose to stretch out the muscles near the groin and butt area.

The king pigeon variation is a deep back stretch, which is also something I’ve been working on. I just want to say, I’m not a certified yoga teacher, so I hope nobody gets hurt following the stretches mentioned in my video.

30 Day Splits Challenge – Day Five

So, not much progress yet…

Right splits seems to be getting closer, left splits not so much. Center splits still incredibly pathetic! 
A few friends gave me the following suggestions to accelerate my progress:
1. Prop one leg up with a book or pillow, or against a bed/sofa and hold the stretch while pushing down.
2. Repeat 1 with the leg in front, then with the leg in the back.
3. Remember to breathe!
4. Knees should be facing upwards (not forward) for the center splits. Point towards away from each other.
5. Leaning forward will help stretch the leg in front.
Progress at Day Five: 
Day 5 Splits Challenge

30 Day Splits Challenge – Day One

As I sit here envying pole dancers, I realized the one thing I really need to practice (among many other things, of course!) was my splits. I found a 30 Day Splits Challenge where you ultimately hold the splits for 6 minutes.

I’m close, but not quite there yet, but I hope stretching everyday will help me get there faster. Here’s my starting point! 

30-day splits challenge: Day 1

Yoga x Pole Crossover Headstand to Backbend

I must admit I had a pretty awesome job where my work offered free yoga lessons during lunch. I had yoga classes 3 times a week and pilates twice a week. I was pretty damn tired by the time I got home and for the past few months, my pole has been pretty neglected. My instructors had high hopes for me, seeing how I attended every class, pushed my limits and mastered some poses I never would’ve thought I could do in a lifetime.

Fast forward a few months, I quit work and I’m back in school which means no more free yoga classes 🙁
One thing I’ve been practicing was my headstand. Prepping through yoga poses like the dolphin, and using our core (I had none!), so slowly lift our legs above our waist level with the support of the wall behind our backs. Well… wall space is a premium at home, I didn’t have much of that. But I did have my pole! 

I started doing my headstands in the middle of the room against the pole, the first time, I accidentally flipped over and thought ‘Oh man, I’m so dead!’. Surprisingly, I caught myself and ended in a pretty awesome backbend. Please check out the video below!