Allegra | Pole Diaries

A beautiful and elegant move: Allegra!

Definitely not as easy as it looks. Some girls make the move look effortless but I’m definitely not there yet. This moves requires so much grip from the hand that’s holding the entire body weight up! I think I’ve been able to successfully transition INTO the move, but every last ounce of my energy has been drained such that I can’t combo it with anything else in the end. Until I get stronger, I guess I’ll only be falling out of it for now 😛

Tips on this move:
1. The move was impossible to get into without first getting into a flatline scorpio (at least for me!) – my thighs wouldn’t grip at all and my butt just sank…
2. Back flexibility is key to making this pose look pretty! Otherwise, your bent leg would end up having your foot touch your butt and not have the nice lines in the pose. Pushing hips and leg out is key!
3. Point your top toes!

(Sneak Peek!) Allegra | Pole Diaries

So I have a little confession to make 🙁

I haven’t been practicing pole nor keeping up with my splits challenge since Saturday in preparation for an 8 hour yogathon on Sunday. Needless to say, I was moderately sore from a whole day of strength and stretches.

Many thanks to Passport to Prana for hosting the Mos & Mats event! I love my new Lululemon mat!

Just started doing some splits stretching and pole this evening. Splits flexibility definitely suffered from not stretching the past few days.

This week I’ve been learning the move Allegra on my pole. The pose actually requires some flexibility in the leg and back to look nice (* need to add this to checklist). Here’s a sneak peek of the move:


Things to work on: transition, dismount, grip!! (I keep slipping)

Superman | Pole Diaries

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… no, it’s Superman!

This week’s challenge was the superman pose. The pose itself was not physically challenging, but more of a mental challenge. The pose requires you to stay afloat by gripping your thighs tightly against the pole and letting the friction prevent you from slipping. (Eeeek!!) I’ve read some bloggers who showed some epic battle scars, dark dark bruises the size of your fist all over!

Keeping this in mind, I reminded myself to not brutally hurt myself over this pose by resting well and listening to my body when it screams ‘STOP!’. Luckily, I was able to grip the pole (after 100 or so attempts), and focused my efforts on smoothing out the transitions. The transitions took a lot more work and I ended up bruising my shins in the process. Thank god for leg warmers!

Twisted Grip Handspring to Chinese Flag | Pole Diaries

This week I decided to tackle one of the most challenging pole moves that I’ve envied since I began to pole: The twisted grip (TG) handspring. The move requires some flexibility in the shoulders as the grip does feel somewhat unnatural at first. In addition, some crazy arm strength, core strength and balance!

Trying this trick took every ounce of determination and perseverance but I finally got it! Below is a video of all my struggles and finally a somewhat presentable TG handspring to Chinese flag. 
Just wanted to encourage anyone trying this move to not give up! Start off from the ground, use a chair and gently kick off. It’s safest to not get up on the air relying on kicking momentum as this could cause serious back and shoulder injury 🙁
Have fun and pole safe!

The Stag | Pole Diaries

A lot of people fail to realize how much dedication and commitment it takes to perfect a move in pole. It’s especially discouraging to see the professionals effortlessly teach a move, only to find that it’s impossible to stay on the pole, let alone maneuver with the same level of grace.

I decided to start a series of video called ‘Pole Diaries’, primarily to motivate myself to learn a new pole move every week. I found recording my practice and reviewing the clips allowed me to identify what I am doing wrong and how to improve. I hope that this series can motivate other beginners in the pole community to never give up! Practice makes perfect!
This week, I am learning a new move called the Stag. It requires some back flexibility and grips using the armpit, waist and thigh area. It hurts but you’ll get used to it.

Split grip elbow hold on pole

It’s the long weekend! Despite having a midterm this Tuesday, I decided to spend some more time to brush up some of my pole moves. I haven’t poled in a while and I feel I forgot how to do some of the basic moves anymore!

Also, starting 2 weeks ago, I started waking up a few minutes earlier just to do some yoga. I started with some ‘strength’ building ones, which left me sore the next morning. Instead of being lazy and not continuing on Day 2, I decided to do some more ‘stretching’ moves to help with the soreness. 🙂 I think I’ve gotten a little stronger 😀