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B Yoga Everyday B Mat Review


If I asked you to take a guess at how many yoga mats I owned, how many would you have guessed?

Would it surprise you that I only had ONE for the longest time? The other day, I was briefly telling my friend how I’m tempted to buy a new yoga mat since my old one is starting to fall apart. She laughed and asked how many I needed. In response to my confused look, she said “Wait, I thought you had at least 10!” Well, she soon learned I was very faithful and that I am still using my very first Yoga Rat mat for the past 7 years 🙂


B Yoga Everyday B Mat Review
Downward dog on a purple everyday B Mat


Since starting my own business, I’ve become more aware about supporting local businesses. When I was looking for a new yoga mat, I wanted to support Canadian brands! I found brands like JadeYoga, Dusky Leaf Yoga and B Yoga. I decided to go with B Yoga because of their beautiful products and felt a sense of attachment when I found out their head office was just a few minutes away from my home. Currently, all the B Yoga mats are manufactured in Spain and they have plans to bring production to Canada in the next year!


B Yoga

The founder, Andrea, is part of a family business that manufactured carpet pads for generations (read their company story here). Soon she realized the material was perfect for yoga mats and founded the company B Yoga in February 2014. I personally think the story is quite inspirational on how to think outside the box! Although I didn’t know the company, I felt I wanted to support them especially since they’re also local.


Sunrise Red and Deep Purple Everyday B Mat from B Yoga



I reached out to their team regarding possible discounts in exchange for a honest review blog post. Their customer service agent Arin was superb! She’s so friendly and responsive and helped me set up my account within a few minutes. I ordered two B Yoga Everyday mats in deep purple and sunrise red. Free shipping took approximately 3 days to receive.

B Yoga Everyday Mat Review

I will discuss the following criteria in descending order of importance to me.


The Everyday B Mat weighed 1.8kg, which was not the lightest mat but also not the heaviest. Marketed as the ‘everyday’ mat, it’s ideal for bring to commute with your on public transit or walking to your favourite yoga studio. For those looking to travel often with the mat, there is a Traveller version (1.2kg); or a Strong version (2.4kg) for those that plan to leave it at home.

B Yoga Everyday B Mat Review
Label for the Everyday B Mat


The Everyday B Mat was 4mm, which is the thinnest yoga mat I’ve used so far. Given the weight, I was worried the mat would not give as much support. Compared to the spongy waffle construction of the Yoga Rat Rat Mat, the B Mat was much firmer and felt very stable for balancing poses and warriors. The density in the B Mat and the Lululemon The Mat was very similar and felt hard on the knees for certain poses. Given the Lululemon mat was thicker, the B Mat offered me the same level of support.

B Yoga Everyday B Mat Review
Everyday B Mat is 4mm thick


The grippiness of the B Mat was what made me instantly fall in love with the mat. The texture of the mat was beautiful. Since the surface of the mat was not smooth, it provided lots of micro surface area for your skin to grip the mat. My downward dogs felt SOLID. In fact, the mat was so grippy compared to my other two mats that I was not used to it. Your fingers toes will not glide smoothly through transitions on the surface of the mat so you will need to make minor adjustments to lift your fingers and toes completely off the mat. I also found out the (painfully) hard way that my hair sticks to the mat when I was trying to get into the wheel pose, so be careful!

Unlike the Lululemon The Mat which has two different surfaces, the B Mat is the same on both sides. Since I love the B Mat finish, I found this was a positive since I would be able to use the other side once one of the sides begin to wear out.

B Yoga Everyday B Mat Review
Use & Care printed on the inside of the label


As indicated on the website, the mat initially is a dust-magnet but gets better with use. I found my mat did attract some dust and clear handprints and footprints decorated my mat. Due to the texture of the mat, it’s not possible to wipe those marks away with bare hands or a dry cloth. Instead, I wet a towel with warm water, wrung it out and wiped the surface of the mat. I allowed the mat the dry and it looked just as good as new and just as grippy!

B Yoga Everyday B Mat Review
Downward dogs feel solid! No more slipping and readjusting. <3

Material and Scent

The B Mats are made with 100% rubber, a mixture of natural and synthetic rubber. As such, there was a distinct rubber scent when I first unrolled the mat. I’m not sure if I was very biased to love this mat but the scent did not feel as strong and overwhelming as the Lululemon Mat. In fact, the rubber scent had a hint of sweetness in it. However, the scent did disspiate after leaving it unrolled for a few days. The B Mats also came with care instructions printed on the inside of the packaging label.


The length and width of the B Mats were the standard 180 cm by 66 cm. There are options to select a longer version 216 cm with the same width. For someone that is around 160cm, the regular length was the perfect size – I was able to practice my splits without falling onto the floor. This mat is the same size as the Lululemon, but longer and wider than the Yoga Rat mat.

B Yoga Everyday B Mat Review
Absolutely love the texture of the mat. So happy that it comes in my favourite shade of purple!


The price for the B Yoga Everyday mat was pretty pricey. The retail price for the mat is $78CAD+ tax, and free shipping is available through the official website here. The mat was more expensive than the Lululemon The Mat, and the Yoga Rat RatMat. However, I think it is a fair price to pay since it’s a relatively lightweight mat that provides lots of grip!



B Yoga Everyday Lululemon The Mat Yoga Rat RatMat
Weight 1.80 kg 2.38 kg 1.40 kg
Thickness 4 mm 5 mm 6 mm
Grip Best Average Average
Material High density cushion and rubber Durable polyurethane with antimicrobial additive Durable and springy, eco-friendly foam construction
Scent Slight rubber scent Strong rubber scent No scent
Dimensions 180 cm x 66 cm 180 cm x 66 cm 173 cm x 61 cm
Price $78 $68 $20
The B Yoga Everyday mats were purchased at a discount from B Yoga for this review.

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