The Poleasana Story

In yoga, asana generally refers to pose. Combining my love for both pole and yoga, and seeing how some poses are so similar on the mat and on the pole, I created the name Poleasana.

My name is Kimmy and welcome to my blog!

I took my first yoga class and pole class back in 2011. Prior to that, I was never into sports or physical activity. Actually, I would be the kid that’s picked last for highschool teams in gym class! Well, that all changed when I decided to make a positive change in my life.

As a university student, time and money were luxury concepts that I couldn’t afford. Despite loving yoga and pole, going to class was too expensive and took too much time out of my busy schedule. But I wasn’t going to give up on something I’m passionate about! After much contemplation, I splurged and bought my own dance pole, installed it in my room and began practicing on my own.

That is how my YouTube channel began. It was a personal diary to record the progress of my pole and yoga journey. I also began writing tips/common mistakes and sharing these videos on the blog, now known as Poleasana.

I really hope my personal journey can inspire you as well!